Maruwn’s Proposal

Meet to the wide range of logistics needs

Extensive domestic and international network

Our extensive network in Japan and overseas enables us to achieve the high-level of information sharing that supports our ability to provide speedy and dynamic logistics services.

Considering the possibility of natural disasters or operation troubles at our domestic plant, we want to consider using a multiple procurement structure, including imports.
An integrated service handling cargo from the overseas plant to delivery to the domestic client.Maruwn provides an integrated logistics service that handles from pickup at an overseas factory through customs service to delivery to the client’s plant or other specified destination.
Taking full control of the client’s imports, we established a procurement system designed to mitigate the impact of natural disasters or other troubles on the client’s operations and simplify delivery arrangements.
We want to simplify transport of drums so as to avoid hardening of their liquid contents caused by falling temperatures.
Consider the possibility of lowering total costs by introducing special lorries capable of maintaining high temperatures.
The client was able to simplify the manufacturing process used to date, which led to lower worker costs. The initial cost of the special lorries was spread out equally over a number of years.
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  • Meet to the wide range oflogistics needs
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