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Both of Dry Cargo and Petroleum transport businesses

Dry Cargo Business and Petroleum Business

Maruwn’s dry cargo Business, one of its core businesses, has a wealth of experience in handling of a wide variety of items. Its expertise and strong service track record have resulted in long-term patronage by many clients. Also well-known as a specialist in petroleum transportation, Maruwn has established total logistics systems ;safety transportation to storage

Emplyees with experience and specialized know-hows

Throughout its more than 120-year history, Maruwn has put tremendous effort into training and development of its employees. The Company has created a team of highly talented employees with an abundance of specialized know-how. Many of our employees possess various certifications that enable them to conduct a wide variety of business tasks.

From everyday goods to hazardous substances

Using the expertise accumulated during its more than 120 years of operations, Maruwn has acquired the business licenses required to operate a wide variety of businesses, from the truck cargo transportation business to warehousing, customs-clearance business, and the recycling business.
We possess many custumized vehicles designed to transport particular kinds of cargo. We use our diverse vehicle lineup, including specially designed dump trucks to haul ammonium sulfate, rosin-carrying tank lorries, and special low-bed trailers that can be loaded without worrying about the cargo’s height, to haul all kinds of cargo, from everyday goods to hazardous substances.
Our storage facilities also are equipped with the equipment needed to meet client needs for various transportation and storage methods. A good example is our warehouses equipped with CAS (cells alive system) flash-freezing systems.

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  • Both of Dry Cargo and Petroleum transport businesses
  • Meet to the wide range oflogistics needs
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