Maruwn Corporation

Management Strategy and Business Plan

Maruwn Group Long-term Management Vision (FY2017 - FY2026)

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    Both the organization and individuals will evolve and 'power up' more than 20% over the next ten years
    By sharing the Maruwn Group Management Philosophy and Long-term Management Vision with all Group employees, we will converge our management vectors in the same direction and continue to grow more than 2% every year over the next ten years, so that both the organization and individuals 'power up' more than 20%.
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    Positioning the Mid-term Business Plan in the Maruwn Group Business Plan System
    The Mid-term Business Plan is positioned as the execution plan of the Long-term Management Vision formulated based on the spirit of the Maruwn Group Management Philosophy, and we aim to improve corporate value through steady practice.
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    Development of "Maruwn Innovation"
    Toward realization of the Long-term Management Vision we aim to further improve competitiveness by developing Maruwn Innovation based on the Maruwn Group’s business and reforms of awareness.

    Structure of Maruwn Innovation

    • Business Innovation:Development of growth strategy business that connects to ten years ahead
    • Mind Innovation:Paradigm shift of Maruwn Spirit
    • Cost Innovation:Cost reduction is a daily ongoing challenge
    • System Innovation:Promoting full-scale business reform of the Maruwn Group

Maruwn Group Mid-term Business Plan (FY2017 - FY2019)

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    Strategy Direction
    To achieve sustainable growth and enhance the corporate value of the Maruwn Group, we have set a growth strategy theme for each business division in order to ensure implementation of the Long-term Management Vision formulated under the Maruwn Group Management Philosophy and we will enhance corporate capabilities by developing Maruwn Innovation horizontally across the Maruwn Group, aiming to realize the growth strategy. As a result, we aim to build a stable earnings structure and establish a path to a growth trajectory.
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    Management Goals (FY2019)
    • Operating revenue: Over 53 billion yen
    • Ordinary profit: Over 1.6 billion yen
    • Ordinary income ratio: 3.0% or more