Maruwn Corporation

Financial Information

IR Calendar

〈First quarter〉May:Presentation of financial results, Financial results briefing June:Payment of year-end dividends, Ordinary general shareholders meeting,Submitting securities report 〈Second quarter〉August:First quarter financial results announcement
〈Third quarter〉October:Second quarter financial results announcement November:Interim results briefing December:Shareholder communication issuance, Interim dividend payment 〈Fourth quarter〉February:Third quarter financial results announcement


2012:48,397 2013:48,864 Fiscal 2014:48,904 Fiscal 2015:47,924 Fiscal 2016:47,117

Operating income

〈2012〉Operating income:▲ 91 〈2013〉Operating income:240 Sales versus operating income:0.5% 〈Fiscal 2014〉Operating income:615 Sales versus operating income:1.3%〈Fiscal 2015〉Operating income:970 Sales versus operating income:2.0%〈Fiscal 2016〉Operating income:880 Sales versus operating income:1.9%

Ordinary income

〈2012〉Ordinary income:▲ 60 〈2013〉Ordinary income:382 Sales versus ordinary income
:0.8% 〈Fiscal 2014〉Ordinary income:729 Sales versus ordinary income
:1.5%〈Fiscal 2015〉Ordinary income:1,054 Sales versus ordinary income
:2.2%〈Fiscal 2016〉Ordinary income:978 Sales versus ordinary income

Net income attributable to parent company

〈2012〉Net income attributable to parent company:▲ 102 〈2013〉Net income attributable to parent company:630 Sales versus net income:1.3% 〈Fiscal 2014〉Net income attributable to parent company:88 Sales versus net income:0.2%〈Fiscal 2015〉Net income attributable to parent company:987 Sales versus net income:2.1%〈Fiscal 2016〉Net income attributable to parent company:572 Sales versus net income:1.2%

Equity ratio

2012:46.1% 2013:48.3% Fiscal 2014:50.7% Fiscal 2015:54.5% Fiscal 2016:55.6%

Net assets per share

2012:645.35 yen 2013:659.63 yen Fiscal 2014:669.35 yen Fiscal 2015:695.88 yen Fiscal 2016:713.15 yen