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Sponsorship of Dakar Rally

We sympathized with the unremitting spirit of Team Kazama (representative Shinji Kazama), the father and son team who took on the challenge of the world's premier Dakar Rally, overcoming the experiences of severe accidents, and signed a sponsorship agreement with the team.

The Dakar Rally (known as Paris - Dakar Rally until 2008) is a motor sports race that is said to be the toughest race in the world. More than 350 motorcycles, four wheel vehicles and trucks participate from more than 50 countries.
Every year there are changes to the event and course, but the 2017 competition started in Paraguay's capital Asunción on January 2 local time, traveled through La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, and arrived at the goal in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina on the 14th for a total course length of 8,818 km over 12 days.
Over these 12 days, the racers traveled an average of 734 kilometers a day through the wilderness of South America with just one rest day, on a course that included challenging mountain highlands of some 5,000 meters altitude. The typical completion rate is about 50%, which is why it is said that "all finishers are winners." Team Kazama was the first father and son team in Japanese history to complete the race in the motorcycle division.