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Sponsorship of Dakar Rally

Since 2017, Maruwn has been a proud sponsor of Team Kazama (represented by Shinji Kazama), the father-son team with a tenacious spirit who overcame a serious traffic accident to continue challenging themselves to complete the world's pinnacle of rally races, the Dakar Rally.

The Dakar Rally (known as the Paris-Dakar Rally until 2008) is known as the world's most grueling motorsport event and attracts more than 350 motorcycle, quad, and truck racers from over 50 countries.

The 2018 Dakar Rally started on January 6th from Lima, the capital of Peru, traversed through the Bolivian capital of La Paz and finished in Cordoba, Argentina on the 20th, running for 14 days (of which 2 days were cancelled due to severe weather) across a total distance of 9,000 km.

Event organizers claimed that the 2018 race was considered the most grueling in Dakar Rally history. True to the description, only 57% of competitors were able to complete the race. Team Kazama rider Shinnosuke Kazama, however, successfully finished the 14-day race despite running into trouble along the way, placing in an admirable 44th place and greatly exceeding his previous year's placement of 67th place.

Team Kazama almost had to withdraw from the race due to an unexpected accident; however, the day following the accident was cancelled due to severe weather, which gave the team time to fix their motorcycle in time to cross the finish line. Coach Kazama believed luck played a role in their successful endeavor. Given that the wn of Maruwn, written with the Japanese character for 'luck', is displayed all over his motorcycle and riding suit, we have to agree, wholeheartedly.

Team Kazama's 3-point philosophy of “Riding Safely, Health Management, and Teamwork" aligns perfectly with how Maruwn approaches its Logistics Business. Maruwn will continue to proudly support Team Kazama.