Maruwn Corporation


Basic policy

Each employee of the Company and each Group company makes serious efforts in CSR activities that emphasize "Promotion of Compliance," "Improvement of Quality," "Improvement of Safety," "Promotion of Environmental Management," and "Promotion of Social Contribution Activities." By fulfilling our duties in good faith, we will work to improve customer satisfaction, fulfill our responsibilities to society and establish a trusted corporate group. Our employees recognize that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a corporate activity in itself, and we will fulfill our social responsibility based on this initiative and policy in order to achieve sustainable development for society and business.

Contents of Efforts

1. Promotion of Compliance

Officers and employees of the Group will act in good faith as corporate citizens and social citizens in all aspects of corporate activities in accordance with social norms and corporate ethics as well as in compliance with laws and regulations.

CSR meeting

2. Improvement of Quality

Each Group company will provide high quality logistics services to customers by maintaining and improving quality levels (transportation, storage, crime prevention, risk management, etc.).

3. Improvement of Safety

Each Group company will provide efficient and safe logistics services that satisfy our customers based on safe operations and transportation, and safe working.

Fork lift training course

4. Promotion of Environmental Management

Each Group company will contribute to the development of society by reducing environmental burden through logistics operations.

Rice-planting experience of NPO corporation "Earth's spirit village"

5. Promotion of Social Contribution Activities

Each Group company is aware of its role as a good corporate citizen, works together with society, actively promotes social contribution activities, supports employee citizen activities, and contributes to the development of a sustainable society.

Rental of “Paralym Art” painting