Maruwn Corporation

Message from the President

Breathing New Life into Our Founder's Philosophy of "Benefiting Others, Benefit Oneself"

- Using Creative Innovation to Provide our Customers with Top-quality Logistics Solutions and Contribute to Social Development -

Maruwn Corporation President & CEO Yasuji Araki

This year we celebrate the 126th anniversary of our founding. Ever since our company was established in September 1892, based upon our founder's ethos of "benefiting others, benefit oneself,” (one can only obtain profits by helping others to profit) we have been at the forefront of Japan's logistics business and have overcome many difficulties to arrive where we are today. It has certainly been no easy road, and we have experienced many ups and downs and endured great hardships during the 126 years that have now elapsed. It goes without saying that it is the spirit of "benefiting others, benefit oneself" that has supported our operations, which have continued unbroken through the four Japanese eras of Meiji, Taisho, Showa and Heisei.

we announced to the world our new mission of "using creative innovation to provide our customers with top-quality logistics solutions and contribute to social development." This mission, which develops upon the ethos we have inherited from our founder, is the management philosophy of the Maruwn Group and all our employees are striving wholeheartedly to put it into practice. All staff repeat the management philosophy at internal meetings, and we keep it in mind as we work every day.

Stakeholders, including shippers and shareholders, that are connected to Maruwn are always interested in our corporate activities and pay attention to our growth. As a signpost for this growth process, we have formulated a new management vision for the Maruwn Group in which we have pledged that: "We will continue to grow by 2% or more each year over the next ten years, and we aim to ‘power up’ both the organization and individuals by 20% or more." In addition, as an approach from four directions where all employees share where they want to be in ten years, and move forward toward this, we have formulated action guidelines for Maruwn Innovation (business innovation, mind innovation, cost innovation, system innovation). By doing this, we will continue to maintain a strong will to build a prosperous company for our employees and stakeholders in our 135th year, by matching the vectors linking all employees from the present to ten years ahead.

In the mid-term business plan (three year plan from fiscal 2017), specific internal and external numerical and action targets are clearly stated, and all employees conduct daily work in line with their annual operational plan. In order not to be left behind by the speed of change of society, the Maruwn Group's mid-term business plan will also be constantly renewed to maintain the state of tokowaka (always fresh).

The circumstances surrounding the logistics industry are constantly and rapidly changing. However, as the man at the helm in these difficult times, I am striving to set an example and embody our management philosophy, long-term management vision, and Maruwn Innovation. At the same time we are breathing new life into our founder's philosophy of ""benefiting others, benefit oneself” by ""giving top priority to compliance action,"" ""cultivating environmental awareness and creating a sustainable society"" and ""promoting diversity and the training and proper use of human resources."" I am deeply aware that I have been given the mission of ""building enduring prosperity for both the organization and individuals."" I will devote myself body and soul to the task of achieving progress for society and growth for our business, and respectfully ask for your continued understanding and support.