Maruwn Corporation

Management Philosophy

Maruwn Group's Management Philosophy(enacted in 2015.12.1)

Our Philosophy

  • We are inspired by our customers’ needs.
  • We are inspired by our workplaces.
  • We respect individuals and society.

Our Mission

  • Provide innovative logistics solutions of the highest quality and innovation, and contribute to the advancement of society.

Our Promises

  • Conduct fair, equitable, and transparent transactions.
  • Value dialogue with our stakeholders and grow together with them.
  • Uncompromising pursuit of safety and quality.
  • Face problems squarely and use the wisdom of our individuals and the strength of our organization to resolve them.
  • Strive to reduce environmental burden and co-exist with nature.

"Benefiting others, benefit oneself" is our core philosophy

The Maruwn Group Corporate Philosophy inherits our founder Meizen Kimbara's spirit of "benefiting others, benefit oneself" and develops it further.
"Benefiting others, benefit oneself" has the meaning that "one can only obtain profits by helping others to profit," and this spirit has been passed down as an unchanging pillar of our business over our long history of change.