Maruwn Corporation

Organization Chart

Organization Board of Directors Audit & Supervisory Committee President & CEO Board of Executive Officers Corporate Planning & IR & PR Dept. Accounting & Finance Dept. General Administration Dept. Human Resources Dept. Environment & Safety Dept. Quality Assurance Dept. IT Dept. Dry Cargo Transport Business Div. Dry Cargo Transport Management Office Dry Cargo Transport Business Dept. Lubricant & Chemicals Business Div. Lubricant & Chemicals Management Office Lubricant & Chemicals Business Dept. Retail Logistics Div. Retail Logistics Management Office Retail Logistics Business Dept. Overseas Cargo Div. Overseas Cargo Management Office Overseas Cargo Business Dept. Petroleum Transport Div. Petroleum Transport Management Office Petroleum Transport Business Dept. Oil Terminals Management Dept. Internal Control Office Internal Auditing Office AEO Control Office